Short-Courses in Applied Statistics Offered by Other Off-Campus Centers

ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research

The Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), located at the University of Michigan, offers a variety of beginning, intermediate, and advanced courses in a wide range of mathematical and statistical methodologies. It offers two 4-week sessions as well as some 3- and 5-day workshops.

The fees depend on whether the participants are affiliated with member institutions of the ICPSR. Because MSU is such a member institution, the fees to MSU faculty and students are typically less than 50% of the fees paid by non-members. Credits earned by MSU graduate students can often be transferred to MSU. See the Program’s website for further information.

Many MSU graduate students and faculty enroll in these courses every summer. The Director of the Program is Dr. William G. Jacoby, who is a Professor of Political Science at Michigan State University.

ISR Summer Institute in Survey Research Techniques (University of Michigan)

The Survey Research Center at the University of Michigan offers short-courses in survey design, conduct, and analysis (including some advanced techniques such as structural equation models, hierarchical linear models, and survival analysis).

Credits earned in many of these courses can be transferred to MSU. See the Summer Institute’s website for more information.

ISR Program in Survey Methodology (University of Michigan)

In addition to the Summer Institute, the ISR Program in Survey Methodology offers certificates and degree programs (masters and doctoral degrees) in survey research methodology.

Joint Program in Survey Methodology (JPSM) (University of Maryland and University of Michigan)

The Joint Program in Survey Methodology (JPSM) offers graduate training in the principles and practices of survey research: a Ph.D. program, an M.S. in survey methodology, and certificate and citation programs, including summer short courses. It is jointly administered by University of Michigan, University of Maryland, and Westat.

Research Methods at The University of Illinois (University of Illinois)

This program is offered entirely online, by experienced research faculty engaged in cutting edge research. This program is designed to provide survey research practitioners with the basic knowledge needed to design, implement, manage, and analyze surveys.